Estate Planning for All Incomes

Professional Bankruptcy  Advocacy & Support

Consumer Bankruptcy

Millions of Americans are unable to pay their debts with their income. Many can qualify for debt relief through bankruptcy. Through bankruptcy you may be able to eliminate significant debt or work out a payment plan with lower payments and interest.

Business Law

Elgin Law has counseled a variety of small to medium size business owners in all aspects of their company. From formation, to operating and growing, merging, and succession planning, we can identify the tools you need and the strategies to make you successful.

Estate Planning

Whether you make $20,000 or $2,000,000, you need a plan in place for when you’re no longer able to make monetary decisions. Elgin Law has experience preparing all sorts of estates, from basic wills through living and testamentary trusts.

Estate Administration

There are many things that must take place in short order after a loved one has passed. Elgin Law can assist you in navigating the process of winding up a love one’s estate and distributing their assets in accordance with their interests.


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People end up filing bankruptcies for a variety of reasons. Bankruptcy can offer a “fresh start” for individuals and businesses who qualify. Nobody wants to file for bankruptcy, but in the appropriate situation it can be a life safer and help you get back on track.